Coco Cay Bahamas

My wife and I decided to take a quick weekend getaway to the Bahamas aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. It was only a 3 day itinerary but it was nice to leave the borders of Florida if only for a few days. We spent some time in Nassau and then went to Royal Caribbean’s private island Coco Cay. I have been to the Bahamas a multitude of times but never to Coco Cay. It was a nice little tourist trap but probably not somewhere I would be quick to try and return to. I did enjoy there little reef area where there were a good number of colorful rocks, sea fans, coral and of course tropical fish.

I opted to use my new Outex underwater cover over my older T2i instead of my Canon 5D Mark iii. I am glad I did because I accidentally hit a rock while chasing a fish causing a break in the seal and letting just enough water in to brick the camera. However, before the camera died I did manage to get some decent underwater shots of some of the tropical fish including a flag yellow tail. I have used the Outex cover numerous times before with no problems and even a few time since. The failure was a result of my bumping the rock with the front glass element that seals around the neoprene cover. I then did not surface to check to make sure the seal was intact. Instead I kept chasing fish and ultimately ended up with about a tablespoon of water inside the cover. This still would not have likely been a problem except I started shooting directly straight up which caused the water to eventually find a weakness in the camera body and short it out. Moral of the story is check your seal periodically especially when you bump underwater objects with it.

Below are some the images I captured before the water intrusion.