New York, New York Sunrise and Sunsets

My wife surprised me for our anniversary with a trip to New York City. I have never been to New York primarily because I never really had any real desire to go there. From my choice of Photography subjects you can probably tell that for fun I prefer to get away from crowds and big cities not visit them. However, after returning from my trip I can say that I had a good time and enjoyed my first visit. The history and architecture of New York were very interesting to me. I will likely plan a return trip when I can plan to specifically focus on capturing some creative city-scape images.

This past trip my wife had packed with things to do and see and the weather was less than ideal so my photography opportunities were limited. I still managed to capture a couple of good images of the city, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

I used my dedicated compact travel lens during this trip which is the Tamron 28-300. Image quality is good for what I use it for plus, if I did not own it I would likely leave my camera at home on most non-dedicated photography trips as it is inconvenient to carry a bunch of lenses with you for pleasure vacations.