Milky Way Over Rare Cowhorn Orchid in Everglades National Park

There is a Cowhorn/Cigar Orchid in Everglades National Park that is growing out of an old tree stump. The orchid is a very rare specimen as it is more than 5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It is one of my favorite orchids in the park to see in full bloom. I have been trying to capture a captivating image of this rare Cowhorn Orchid in Everglades National Park for the last three (3) years. However, each time the images come out boring or to busy.

This year I decided to get creative with my efforts and visit the orchid in the middle of the night. I envisioned using the dark starry sky as my backdrop to contrast the vibrant orchid and cause it to stand out in the image. I used a flash to illuminate the orchid and some of the foreground. I was also rewarded in that the milky way was positioned in an ideal location to compliment the scene.

I am happy with this effort and believe I finally got a photo of this orchid that is unique and captivating. I also captured a few sunrise photos before I left, however I had a little problem with my lens fogging up right before the sun rose above the horizon.

Cigar/Cowhorn Orchid

Yesterday I ran out to Everglades National Park to check on a Cowhorn Orchid I found last year but never got to go back and photograph.  The orchid is in full bloom but looks as if the blooms are already starting to wither.  There were also some other orchids in bloom nearby.  The wind was really whipping making it impossible to get a crisp shot of the blooms.  I took a few shots but did not really like any of the results.  I may try to sneak back out there this weekend and hopefully with better conditions capture an image I will like.

Everglades National Park Cowhorn Orchid

For some time now, I have been trying to find a large Cowhorn Orchid I had been told existed somewhere in Everglades National Park.  I have found many Cowhorn Orchids before during my hikes throughout Everglades and Big Cypress National Parks, however, I wanted to find this particular Cowhorn Orchid due to its extraordinary size.

I finally had some time this past week to make a trip to the location I thought the orchid could be found.  I went with a photographer friend of mine, Robert Chaplin, on this trip.  After a good bit of hiking and a lot of exploring we successfully found the orchid.  Not only did we find it, but we also were rewarded as it was already in full bloom.  I took some documentary pictures of it and hope to go back soon to try and do something more creative with it before the blooms begin to die.